Bagpipe Bears


Here in Nauvoo every summer we are blessed with a bagpipe band that strolls our streets in full Scottish dress filling our streets with their glorious sound.

These bagpipe playing bears commemorate this band. The 8″ tall bears are hand crocheted by Taria Lorehand. Each one has a unique plaid kilt. You can request a main color but we can’t guarantee it’s availability.

Order on our website or come into the shop for a discount!

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Craft Impaired?

We just got these in! So easy. So simple. All you  have to do is thread ribbon through the slots to create a unique gift everyone will oooh and aww about!

IMG_20140915_132334786 IMG_20140915_132359927IMG_20140915_132441858

You’ll want to order 2 because when you get through with one you will be so in love with it that you won’t want to give it away! Available online at our website and at the shop!


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Monday Treasure Hunt

Mondays are usually interesting around here! During the summer, I (your humble writer) run a fruit and vegetable farm and a couple of markets so I can only get in here once a week. This week, Mary Lou and Deon have been really busy! I did a quick survey of the store and look at all the new stuff I found! Sorry, this isn’t all of it! You will have to come in to hunt for treasures yourself!


Cute little boy’s stuff!


Several cute new dresses, these are just a couple.


These satchels were so cute with the dresses, but some people wanted to buy them without the dresses, so we had our artisan make a few to buy separate.


Lots of pretty new bonnets including this really fancy blue one made with velvet, ribbon and lace 🙂


Hats with bling!


 An absolutely gorgeous large glass vase.


Way cute birds and firecrackers


And we’ve had these walking sticks for a while, but I had to show them to you. They have Nauvoo, IL written on them. Perfect for walking the hill from uptown to the flats!

Come see us this week!

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New Pioneer Dress Shipment

We got a new shipment of these adorable pioneer dresses in! The last ones went like wild fire. So fast in fact that we have decided not to put them on our website. They are all unique and we are spending way too much time listing them and then taking them off :)Here’s some of the new ones we got in this week! Come in to see what we have tomorrow!

7-15a 7-15b 7-15c 7-15d 7-15e

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The Story Book Doll Collection

It was like a scene out of Toy Story, a plain looking cardboard box, pretty green wrapping paper inside, then OUT JUMPS the valiant Robin Hood with bow strung over his shoulder!

valient robin hood

Then came row after row of beautiful collectable dolls, meticulously stored away for  the day for the day these precious treasures find new homes and people who will love them!


We actually have quite a huge collection of collectable dolls at the shop, but these were all from a collector who worked at the former Shaffer Pen Company in Ft. Madison, IA. The factory had a gift shop where workers could buy items from sister companies at a discount. Most of these dolls were bought there. We are still working on identifying them and posting them to our website. Some are so rare, we simply can’t find any images of them out there on the internet.


Mary Lou has been collecting dolls for years. Here’s a few pictures of some of the dolls we have in stock. It’s a little girl’s dream 🙂

IMG_20140407_154457_626 IMG_20140407_154506_722 IMG_20140407_154514_915 IMG_20140407_154530_721

Between all these, the mannequins, the stuffed animals, the nick nacks, statuettes and dancing solar toys, there is probably quite a party going on here every night 😉 But we are sure every single one is longing for a forever home.

We will continue to post all these treasures on our website as we have time, so if you aren’t able to come in to see the entire collection, check back with our website often!


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John Allen

If you’ve been to Nauvoo lately, you might have noticed some of John’s breath taking art work in different shops around town. We just happen to have quite a few peices here as well.


He says it all started a few years ago when he was helping replace the steeple on our local Catholic church, Sts. Peter and Paul. They were tearing stuff off and throwing it in the dumpster when John noticed some beautiful antique nails. He rescued them from the dumpster and used them to make crosses for a church fundraiser.

They sold so well that John was inspired to come up with other creations. If you’ve got old nails or even rusty old tools. John is on the look out for them, we can connect you with him 🙂

Here’s some close ups of his nail art!


8″ x 5″


10″ x 5″


8″ x 5″


8″ x 4 1/2″


4 1/2″ x 4″

The pictures really don’t do them justice. Stop by the shop to experience their raw reality, or order them through our website.

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Hoodie Round Up

It’s cold out there! Did you know that the Art and Needlework shop is the only place in Nauvoo that sells hoodies?

We have a limited # of these blinged out pink beauties for $15 each.


Our zippies are $25


Regular hoodies are $18


Come on in to the shop and get warm! We are open on Fridays from 10-3 for the winter or by appointment! Give us a call. Will ship for an extra $5!

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