Around the Shop Today

This morning I was talking with a friend about all the stuff we have here. She made the comment that it’s like an old, old fashioned Five and Dime. She couldn’t be more right. Here’s just a few pictures of what it looks like today! Tomorrow, Mary Lou will have something brand new to look at so keep stopping by!


See what we mean?

IMG_20141215_121924185 IMG_20141215_121936596

We have gifts for everyone who comes in and our own little light show.

IMG_20141215_122006178 IMG_20141215_122019710

Then there’s all these cute  little dancing solar toys for $2.50 each and snow man decorations for $15


This antique snow shovel stands 47″ high and is only$20!


Mary Lou’s cousin is trying to grow up. At the age of 84 she is selling off some of her Tweety collection. The cookie jar is 8″ tall and costs $15. The stuffed Tweety is 10″ tall and costs $5


We’ve got a whole basket of this rug yarn for 50 cents to a dollar each.

And the Swarovski clocks! Can’t forget the clocks! They move and play beautiful music every hour. We sold out of them before so we’ve got some new ones.


$325 + Shipping


$190 + shipping


$200 + Shipping


$175 + Shipping


$300 + Shipping

From what I understand these clocks go for  $300 – $700, but you really have to see them to appreciate them. I can send videos by e-mail if you are interested 🙂

And if you are interested in anything else I posted about today stop by the shop or give us a holler. We’ll get it out to you. The shop # is 217-453-6769 and our email is

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Swedish Weave Proof of How Long I’ve Known Mary Lou


I met Mary Lou over 36 years ago on my wedding day. It blew me away that someone would go to all the trouble to create this beautiful piece of Swedish weave art for us! It has been through some rough housing situations, so it hasn’t aged gracefully, but my house just doesn’t feel like home unless this is hanging over my bed 🙂

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Nesting Doll Sets

We got the cutest fall nesting set in today from Russia! I just had to show it to you!


Isn’t it adorable???? The biggest doll is 5 3/4″ tall and the smallest is 1 1/4″ tall. Great conversation piece, especially with youngsters. I know I always found them fascinating when I was little!

You can find these as well as a couple of Mormon nesting doll sets on our website in the dolls or gift section!

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Bagpipe Bears


Here in Nauvoo every summer we are blessed with a bagpipe band that strolls our streets in full Scottish dress filling our streets with their glorious sound.

These bagpipe playing bears commemorate this band. The 8″ tall bears are hand crocheted by Taria Lorehand. Each one has a unique plaid kilt. You can request a main color but we can’t guarantee it’s availability.

Order on our website or come into the shop for a discount!

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Craft Impaired?

We just got these in! So easy. So simple. All you  have to do is thread ribbon through the slots to create a unique gift everyone will oooh and aww about!

IMG_20140915_132334786 IMG_20140915_132359927IMG_20140915_132441858

You’ll want to order 2 because when you get through with one you will be so in love with it that you won’t want to give it away! Available online at our website and at the shop!


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Musical Clocks


Mary Lou was wanting me to tell you about these beautiful musical clocks! These beautiful Seiko clocks play several different melodies, move and feature Swarovski crystals. I love Swarovski crystals. There was a store in Keokuk that had a curio cabinet of them sitting where you had to walk by them to get top the mall entrance. My kids always had to drag me out drooling … but, I digress …

Back to the clocks … from what I can see on the web these beauties retailed in the $500-$700 range and don’t seem to be available from Seiko any more. IMG_20140901_141952654[1] Took some videos of them so I could show you all what they sound like and how beautiful all the moving parts are, but I can’t get them to load so you’ll just have to come in to see them! Tell Mary Lou you saw them on the blog 🙂

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Missionary Doll Outfits

Meet the two new sisters serving at the Art and Needlework Shop! They are 18″ My Life Madam Alexander dolls, Sister Charity and Sister Constance!

IMG_20140811_130057086_HDROur own Evelyn Cote is the creator of these incredibly detailed replications of the dresses the missionary women  wear at the Mormon living history sites down on the flats. Each outfit consists of the dress, a bonnet and an apron with a heart and the word “Nauvoo” hand embroidered on the pocket.


– all for just $35.00 on the website or $29.99 at the shop.

Sister Constance will be helping folks at the front desk as they come into the shop in her beautiful maroon dress with tiny blue flowers and a matching blue apron.


Charity is ready for Grape Festival with her pretty purple dress!



A few of the sisters’ American Doll friends volunteered to help model the line up!


Here is Emilia showing off her pumpkin orange dress. She is looking forward to the Pumpkin Walk here in Nauvoo this fall. She figures she will shine almost as brightly as the pumpkins that line the streets with all the intricate details in her outfit.

Each of these dresses is tucked and pleated and gathered just like the missionary’s and all the seems are either surged or lined. These dresses will become heirlooms!

IMG_20140811_153327951 IMG_20140811_153437405 IMG_20140811_153535851

Next in the line up is Elizabeth.

IMG_20140811_123957749Elizabeth is celebrating all the incredible vegetation and green plants we see here in Nauvoo, the City Beautiful, with her green striped dress with pink and blue flowers!

And then there’s Kirsten 🙂


Kirsten is obviously the youngest of the group. She forgot her bonnet, but remembered her apron! We are proud of her for that! She is celebrating youth, new life and spring with her light green dress and leaf green apron.

Here they all are again, and I’m sure there will be more to come!


Let’s have a big round of applause for our resident lunch lady and artisan Evelyn! If you’d like her to make something special for your 18″ doll come in or give her a call. She is generally here from 11:30am to 1pm, Monday – Friday 🙂


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